Between the Trees

Between the Trees

Ever wonder why is it so important for me to have a relationship with God? Well grab a cup of coffee and sit down to hear an incredible story of a loving God who creates and longs to be in a relationship with His creation. Yet, the story takes a dark turn and the relationship […]

the REAL Series

What does it mean to be a genuine Christian? Just how does an authentic Christian live in the world? In a new series, we will explore the book of James and consider what it means to be a REAL Christian today. Each week will explore a new topic in being REAL – Honesty, Faith, Control, Wisdom, Heart, Prayer […]

Christmas Evening 2016

Join us Christmas evening at 6 pm for a candlelight service, singing, and a dramatic reading of the greatest story ever told – the birth of Jesus Christ!


    Advent Series 2016 Advent: The Silence is Broken Pt 2 December 23, 2016 Advent: The Silence is Broken Part 1 December 15, 2016 Advent: Immanuel December 5, 2016 Advent: The Coming of Jesus November 28, 2016


EMBRACE: A Series About Loving One Another, Regardless Of Color This Sunday we will begin a new series to address the very important topics of love, racism and hatred. It will run from August 7– September 11, with John Smith of Cornerstone preaching the final message. We hope you will make plans to be here […]


Revisit our recent series examining each of the beatitudes from the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5:1-12) and hear Jesus’ words for your life. Then join us Sunday morning at Cornerstone as we continue to explore the gospel according to Matthew. Blessed are… Because of Me April 11, 2016 the Peacemakers April 7, 2016 the Pure […]

5th Annual Day of Dedication

At the beginning of each new year we take time to lay out all of our ministries and spend time lifting them up to God in prayer. We dedicate these ministries and ourselves to service in God’s Kingdom; at the same time we seek His blessing on our church, and our plans for the upcoming […]

A new series exploring the most misused verses in the Bible.

New Series – Twisted

Many people turn to the bible as a source of comfort, strength, guidance and hope, and for good reason. But have you ever noticed that sometimes the verses that we hold on to seem to fall flat during a time of crisis? There is a reason for that, while chapters and verses are usually helpful, […]

Fun in the Sunday 2015

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