The Cone of Certainty

As hurricane Irma begins to impact south Florida, we are anticipating its arrival in Thomasville. Like all of the storms in our lives, this one can leave us with a great sense of uncertainty. Yet, through every storm there is one absolute certainty – the power, peace, and love of Jesus.

GoTC – 7

This week wraps up the series God of This City and takes a look back at the messages from the last six weeks. We have been looking to Jesus as our example of how to be God’s people doing God-things in God’s cities. As we close out this series we take time to reflect on putting […]

GoTC – 6

This week picks up right were we left off – in the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). As we seek to follow the greatest commandment – loving others – we have an example in Jesus. In this story Jesus makes clear that we are to love everyone – even the ‘untouchables’. Let us […]

GoTC – 5

We continue to explore what it means to be God’s people doing God-things in God’s cities. And if we are seeking to love as Jesus loved, then we need to follow his greatest commandments – love God and love our neighbors as ourselves (Luke 10:25-37). This week Jason Bennett shares his experience studying various ministries […]

GoTC – 4

Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody…  Who doesn’t need some help every once in a while. How far will you go to help your friends in need. Listen to this story of some friends who tore a whole in a roof in order to get their friend in front of Jesus (Mark 2:1-12). […]

GoTC – 3

As we continue to explore how we can be God’s people doing God-things, we look at Matthew’s story in his relationship with Jesus (Matthew 9). In going after hearts, Jesus wasn’t afraid to step into the mess – including breaking bread with collectors like Matthew. By stepping into the mess, Jesus met Matthew where he […]

GoTC – Week 2

God of This City – Week 2 We continue to explore how God’s people are to do God-things in God’s cities. As we experience God’s grace in our life, we are called to share how we are saved with those around us. Just as Jesus did when he met a women by a well (John […]

God of This City

Join us at Cornerstone as we explore how we, God’s people, are called to do God-things in God’s city!

Hope Beyond Hurt

Almost all of us, with very few (if any) exceptions have experienced loss of some kind: loved one, job, income, home, etc. In this special message, Jason Bennett brings his personal story of loss and grief and reflects on how we don’t always handle loss well or grieve in healthy ways. Listen as Jason shares his story […]

Between the Trees

Between the Trees – Part 4

Time to wrap up this important conversation regarding your relationship with God. Grab a cup of coffee and join in this exploration of God’s relationship with His creation, with you. This story that takes place between the trees. This week, listen to how God restored our relationship with Him through the life and resurrection of Jesus. […]