Thomas University Adopt-A-Student Program

One of the unique ways that we serve our community is to participate in the Adopt-A-Student program sponsored by Goal Line Ministries.


Outside The Walls

Jesus told us to go into all the world and take the Good News to those in need. We believe the “world” begins just outside of the walls of our building. Outside The Walls is our local outreach and compassion ministry at Providence Plaza apartment complex. Once a month, we close our building and go “outside the walls” on a Wednesday night to love and serve our friends at Providence Plaza. We often serve meals, desserts, share the Word, play games, sing with the residents. We have claimed that ground for the Kingdom of God!


Camp Cornerstone

This is our summer camp program for 6-13 year olds. The camp is held annually during the month of June. Call for registration dates.



We are currently considering several different mission opportunities for our church. More information will be coming soon.