Manger Things – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Advent As the people of Israel, God’s chosen light to the rest of the world, become lost in the upside down there is a prophesy of hope (Isaiah 9:2-7). A child will be born and there will be no limit to the wholeness he brings. The Advent begins – a time of […]

Manger Things – Chapter 2

Manger Things – telling our story with God using the themes and situations from that equally popular show. Chapter 2 – the Upside Down. As God seeks to restore the relationship with His creation, He taps a new nation to be the light to all pointing a way back to Him. However these people continually […]

Manger Things – Chapter 1

There are some strange things in our world. There are some strange things in the Bible. For the next six weeks, we are going to journey through these strange things. Along the way, we will be seeking to know more about God, his people, and his plan to save all humanity. You are invited to […]